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South County League Board of Governors Meeting

The Fountains Country Club

September 19, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 8:04 AM by Pres. Michael Lapkin. He greeted the governors and thanked the Fountains Country Club for hosting a wonderful breakfast.

Roll call was taken and all the clubs were present.

Past presidents in attendance were Jerry Kaye and Chuck Milber.

The minutes of last meeting were accepted without any additions or corrections.

Treasurer report:

                        Opening Balance: $3,709.64

                        Checks: #118 Mizner CC - President’s Day Prizes ($1,200)

                                     #119 Mizner CC – Past Presidents’ entry ($90.00)    

                        New Balance: $2,419.64   


Proposed Rule Changes:

Jay Levine - Proposal to use USGAA (Club Handicap Index)

For the 2018 season, the League should use the USGA indexes as maintained by the individual clubs. In most cases, there are only minor differences between the USGA index and the league index. Most league players are playing golf regularly and more scores provide a truer representation than the league scores. Using the Club index will also take into account player issues such as illness or injury that impact playing ability but Governors are reluctant to utilize the person in a match so their league index does not reflect the change in situation.   In addition match play scores can at times not a true representation of a players trend.

There are propose changes in the USGA calculation that take effect on January 1, 2018. These include where weather, course conditions, etc are taken into account in the calculation. The purpose of handicap is to be an equalizer of players in competition. The USGA recommends 100% handicaps for 4-ball match play.


Switch the league to USGA index as of April 15, 2018. Update to club handicaps twice a month as USGA calculated.


This rule change was passed.


Larry Stone – Broken Sound

Rewrite Rule 5 for clarity and fairness.


Rule 5:If a club declares its course unplayable because of rain the day of the match and reschedules the match, and teams are rained out on the day of the match, the above mentioned match will be considered a rain out even if it was previously rescheduled.


This rule change was passed.


Clarify why we can’t change a rule in midseason when the rules specifically say we can.


“14.  APPROVAL    In accordance with the By-Laws, the Board of Governors must approve these rules and regulations and has the authority to change, amend, delete or correct them at anytime.”


This rule was recognized by the membership as existing and will apply going forward.


Mitch Heller - Mizner Country Club

Require all money to be presented to the Home Team via a check, rather than exchanging cash ($45.00 per player).  We have gone to writing a check this year and it is no imposition on the club.  This way,  handling cash, and the related problems, is eliminated.  


This proposal was defeated.


Art Hoffman – Indian Spring

Rule 7. Forfeiture

Proposed Change:

“Forfeiting an individual match will result in a 1-0 loss; forfeiting an entire team match will result in a 8-0 loss during the first half of the season; 6-0 during the second half of the season.” 


These results reflect possible playoff qualifications and seedings tie breaking situations.


This proposal was passed.


Rule 9e.

States, “Start shot-gun tournament no later than 8:30 AM.”

Many clubs now place restrictions on South County matches played in the morning early in the season.  Some matches have started as late as a 12:30 PM shotgun on a Wednesday play-date.  This rule should be changed to accommodate that situation.

This proposal resulted in no vote as it was decided that the issue was in the purview of governors mutual agreement and did not need a rule change.


Players with indexes below 13 at the beginning of the season must play from regular (back) tees during the entire season.  Players with indexes from 13-16.9 at the beginning of the season may declare what tees they will play from during the entire season.  Players with indexes of 17 and above shall play from forward tees, unless a captain places such a player on his back tee roster out of necessity.


This proposal is based in part on the USGA’s “Play it forward” recommendation.


This proposal was tabled until the October meeting.


Manny Newman – Gleneagles

Restore the 80% rule for front and back tees for matches where there is more than a 6 shot differential between players.


This proposal passed.


Allow partners to ride together during the playoffs. This passed.


Be sure that all members of the league are annual members of their club. This was tabled until the October meeting.


Allow roster changes to be made up until 6:00 pm on Tuesday. This proposal was dropped without a vote.


Bert Wellman – Boca West


Proposed eliminating breakfast. This was defeated.


Chuck Milber – Hunters Run


Proposed riding with team mates as a home team choice during the regular season. This was defeated.

Next meeting will be on October 10 at Boca West.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:25 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Stone


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