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Article I - NAME


Section 1 - The name of the organization shall be SOUTH COUNTY GOLF LEAGUE, a non-profit organization.




Section 1 - The objectives of the League shall be to foster and promote mutual interest in competitive golf by and between golf clubs, and to further friendship and socialization among all members.




Section 1 - The league shall be limited to 18 member clubs.


Section 2 - Additional clubs may become members upon 75% approval of the entire board of governors, or their proxy. The fulfillment of the requirements such as payment of annual dues with the annual application, waiving of green fees, acceptance of the by-laws and rules and regulations, and other requirements stipulated by the Board of Governors must be accepted by the new member club.


Section 3 - All league participants must be annual members of their club. Members younger than 30 who are the children of members are not permitted to play unless they have a full membership of their own. No member of the league shall play in more than one club membership in one season of play (at the time of adoption that would cover from April to October) .


Section 4 - All member clubs must be a Private Country Club with a minimum of one golf course. The golf course must be playable up to the standards of the league. All member clubs should have dining facilities to accommodate all required meals and events of  the league.



Section 1 - The annual dues, as determined by the Board of Governors (accompanied by a club application) shall be paid by each member club and be deposited in a bank as determined by the treasurer in the name of the South County Golf League.


Section 2 - All disbursements made shall be reported to the Board of Governors at their regular scheduled meetings.


Section 3 - Replenishment of the league's fund and any increase in member club dues shall be in the amounts as determined by the Board of Governors.




Section 1 - There shall be a Board of Governors formed consisting of one individual from each member club selected by the member club. He must be a member of that club, must not be a professional golfer, nor in the employment of the member club, and have authority to represent his club in all matters pertaining to the league.


Section 2 - Each governor shall have one vote on the Board of Governors and shall have the authority to transfer his vote to an associate governor or team captain. The sitting president will have no vote except in the event of a tie. His club may register a vote only if represented by a co-governor or designated captain. Only in the event of a tie may the president of the Board of Governors be empowered to cast a vote. In the case of a tie vote, the president of the Board of Governors shall be empowered to cast a vote to break a tie.


Section 3 - The governors shall be selected by their member clubs. The governors or their member club will appoint an associate governor to act in the absence of the governor. A governor that has served as governor for at least 5 years and retires after July 11, 2023 will become a governor emeritus and wiil be a non voting member of the board.


Section 4 - The Board of Governors shall have the authority to reprimand, suspend, expel, or penalize a member club, its governor, associate governor or its team for neglect of duty, non-performance, non-attendance to the Board of Governors meetings or any other reason that prevents or impedes the successful operation of the league. This shall be applicable upon a 75% approval vote of the entire Board of Governors or their proxy.


Section 5 - Team captains shall be appointed by the governor from his club membership to serve as long as the governor deems advisable. They shall not be professional golfers nor in the employment of the member club. In league games they shall have the responsibility, as delegated by their governor, to manage the team representing their club. They shall have the right to accompany the governor to all Board of Governors meetings. They may represent the governor at all regular or special board of governor meetings in the event of his absence.


Section 6 - The officers of the league shall be president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.  


Section 7 - The officers shall be elected by the Board of Governors by a majority vote to serve a term of two years. The president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer must be either a governor, associate governor or captain. All league officers must be selected from governors, associate governors and captains that have been in either capacity in the league for at least one year.


Section 8 - A grievance committee shall be formed to hear and act upon any differences that may occur between member clubs. Membership of this committee shall consist of the league officers. The chairman shall be the league president. No committee members may vote on any matter concerning his own club. If an officer needs to recuse himself, a governor chosen by lottery would replace him. Decisions of this committee are binding on all parties concerned and may not be appealed.




Section 1 - It shall be the duty of the president to act as chairperson at all regular and special board of governors meetings. He shall be empowered to create as many committees as he deems necessary to insure the smooth and successful operation of the league. He shall also be a member ex-officio (with NO VOTE), of all committees except the nominating committee which he will chair. During the second year of service for the officers, the nominating committee shall announce the nominees at the November meeting, the vote shall be taken and the officers installed at the December meeting. In the event of an officer vacancy, it shall be the responsibility of the sitting president to name a replacement, subject to majority approval of the board.


Section 2 - It shall be the duty of the vice-president to assist the president in his various duties and to perform his duties as president in the event of his absence or disability.


Section 3 - It shall be the duty of the secretary to take minutes of all Board of Governors meetings, take care of all correspondence and keep all league records.


Section 4 - It shall be the duty of the treasurer to receive all monies due to the league from any and all sources. He shall deposit such monies as outlined in ARTICLE IV, Section 1. He shall be responsible for all disbursements of the league's funds, and shall keep accurate record of all financial transactions. He shall report on the financial status of the league at all Board of Governors meetings and at such other times as shall be determined by the board of governors. All checks shall be signed by either the president, treasurer or vice-president.


Section 5 - It shall be the duty of all non-officer governors and associate governors to assist the officers in every possible manner.



Section 1 - The Board of Governors shall meet on the SECOND TUESDAY of each month at such times and place determined by the Board of Governors. However, when such a date or time is impractical, inconvenient, or unnecessary, the Board of Governors shall have the right to cancel such meeting and the Board may decide to select another time and place for it to occur. The president and/or a majority of the Board of Governors shall have the privilege of calling a special meeting at any time they may deem necessary for the good and welfare of the league.


Section 2 - The annual meeting of the Board of Governors shall be the December regular scheduled meeting.


Section 3 - For the purpose of transacting all league business, a quorum for the Board of Governors meetings and the annual meeting shall consist of 51% or more of the governors or their representatives in attendance (exception Article III, Section 2).


Section 4 - Each member club is expected to host an equitable number of meetings of the Board of Governors on a rotating basis.


Section 5 - Each member club is expected to have at least one representative at each meeting. It must be either the governor, associate governor or team captain and the representative must be authorized to act for the member club.




Section 1 - Procedures for team competition shall be determined by the rules and regulations committee no later than two months prior to the start of team competition. Procedures and method of play may be changed by announcement at a Board of Governors meeting with an effective date not earlier than the second Wednesday following announcement.


Section 2 - A by-laws and rules and regulations chairman shall be appointed by the president. Said committee to recommend amendments, changes and interpretation of all matters pertaining to the league or team competition.


Section 3 - All clubs of the league must agree to waive all green fees for the visiting member club and their alternates on the day of a scheduled match.




Section 1 - This event with all member clubs participating, shall take place every year. The place, date time of play, method of play and the type and number of prizes shall be determined by the Board of Governors. Participation will be limited to league officers, governors and captains only.


Section 2 - All past presidents shall be invited to this affair as guests of the league.


Article X - TROPHIES


Section 1 - The league championship trophy shall be awarded to the league champion each year and all other trophies shall be awarded as determined by the board of governors.


Section 2 - The holder of the championship trophy shall be responsible for proper maintenance, safekeeping and for relinquishing it in the same condition as when it was presented except for normal wear and tear.




Section 1 - Suggested amendments to the by-laws shall be submitted to the appropriate committee which shall, after consideration, submit them to the Board of Governors in a timely manner for approval or rejection by a majority vote.


These are the only by-laws of the South County League.

They are effective April 1st for the season.

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