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The Defined Role of Governors with the Aid of their Captains


The following list defines the procedures that a governor is ultimately responsible for in addition to serving on the Board of Governors. It has been voted on by the Board of Governors and represents the specific role that each governor is expected to fulfill.



1. To actively recruit players each year to create an adequate roster. An adequate roster would be defined as a minimum of 40 active players. Since we no longer require a set roster, recruiting can continue throughout the season.


2. To arrange changes to the schedule to eliminate conflicts with the help of the pro staff.


3.  To encourage players to sign up and to acquire the list of players that are        available to play each week.


4.  To communicate with the opposing governor prior to a match to determine the number of matches available.


5.  To try to get additional players if the opposing team has more players available than you.


6.  To set up the lineup and, preferably, fill out the score sheet or provide the information for the pro shop to fill out the score sheet and return it to you. During this process, all communication is to be governor or captain to governor or captain. There should be no direct communication between pro staff and an opposing governor, captain, or pro staff. The most current digital score sheet must be used. A copy is available for download on the website.


7.  To notify players whether they have been chosen to play or not each week or delegate that to the pro staff.


8.  To send the completed digital score sheet directly to the opposing governor prior to the match. The home governor provides it to their pro shop to create the score cards.


9.  To communicate with food and beverage to arrange for food for home matches in coordination with the pro staff.


10.  To make decisions during a match in conjunction with the opposing governor other than cart path only or course closure which would be the responsibility of the hosting pro staff.


11. To make sure that the results of a match is reported by 3:00 pm when you are the hosting governor.


12. To communicate with your teammates via email or other method to keep them informed and interested in your club’s participation in the league. A weekly newsletter during the season is effective. It is also a good way to encourage players to sign up to play each week.                            


13.  To do whatever you can to promote the league to club management. Without the support of management, we have no league. Sending your newsletter to key management is one way.

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