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South County League Board of Governors Meeting

Boca Pointe Country Club


September 12, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 am by Pres. Jay Levine. He greeted the governors and guests and thanked Boca Pointe Country Club and their staff for hosting a wonderful breakfast. He also thanked George Kutin for setting it up.

The minutes of last meeting were accepted without any additions or corrections.

Roll call was taken and all the clubs were present.

Past presidents in attendance were Mike Lapkin and Chuck Milber.

There were no guests.

Treasurer report: Richard North reported on our income and expenditures:

               Opening Balance: $4,459.15

                  Check Reorder  $35.95

                  Check # 130 Hole-in-one (Paul Green)   $100

                  Check #131: Boca West CC – Presidents’ Day prizes  $1,500

                  Check #132 : Hole-in-one (Bill Parmalee)  $100 

                  Check #133 - Boca West CC – Past Presidents entry fees   $90

              New Balance: $2,488.20

Dues will remain at $100 for next year.


There was no President’s Report or Old Business or Committee Reports


New Business: Rules

The following are the rules change suggestions submitted by various clubs and the disposition thereof.

Al Berger - Boca Lago Team Players voted and want to ride together with their teammates whether home or  away. We feel this is the way to go when playing team match play. It should be a team choice not only Governors.  NOT PASSED

Terry Armant – Raise fee from $45 to $50.   PASSED

Alan Rubinstein - when the number of matches reduce to 3 front 3 back it be considered to 6 matches since some teams can’t get enough players on one tee or the other.    WITHDRAWN

Larry Stone – I suggest that the rule that states, “The minimum number of teams for each match shall be 8 (6) with at least 4 (3) team pairings from the forward tees,” unfairly favors the team with a predominance of front tee players. Let’s take the most extreme example. One team has 8 back tee teams and the opponent has 8 front tee teams. By the current rule, the team with back tee players would have to play all 8 matches with split tees which has proven to be a statistical disadvantage. The team with the front tee players would never be required to play any of their front tee players from the back tees. I suggest that we change the rule to read, “The minimum number of teams for each match shall be 8 (6) with at least 4 (3) team pairings from each tee.”    PASSED

Don Gould - Instead of a three-point system based on front, back and overall, I would like to see a point for front, a point for back and a point for OVERALL HOLES WON BY THE ENTIRE TEAM instead of individual matches.  Last season's quarterfinal between Stonebridge and Boca Woods, Stonebridge won the front and tied the back.  Despite being ahead 1.5 points to .5 points, Boca Woods was awarded an extra point for the "overall" by winning four matches, losing three and tying two.  However, the scorecard showed Stonebridge having an 84-78 advantage in total holes won.  Stonebridge lost in a 3-hole playoff. He proposes that the new scoring system awards the overall point to the country club having won a majority of the holes as representative of the entire team's strength.     NOT PASSED

Larry Stone – An alternative - Adding all the front tee, back tee, and overall points for each team with the winner being the team with most points. That team would get one point in the standings. This satisfies all the reason that we went to the Nassau system and guarantees that the better team wins.  NOT PASSED

Jay Levine – (As modified) If the host club does not send the results in by 4:00 pm or notify scoring of the reason for a delay by 4:00 pm, the host club will receiving a warning for the first offense, lose half their points for that day on the second offense, and , lose all their points for that day on the third offense .  PASSED

Alan Rubinstein – An alternative to above  - 1st offense is a warning.  2nd is a loss of 1/2 the number of points gained in that match.  3rd is probation with potential expulsion from the league in future.  WITHDRAWN

Larry Stone – Accelerate the weekend process to better accommodate people who are still working and have to make plans.

By the Friday Thursday at 5 P.M. preceding play the visiting club contacts the host club to determine how many players the visiting club may bring to the match. The visiting club then sends its roster to the host club no later than 5 P.M. on Saturday Friday. Host clubs are required to send a fully completed score sheet to the visiting club no later than 5P.M. on Sunday Saturday.  NOT PASSED

Jay Levine and Larry Stone – change rule that currently says, “Regular season matches may be rescheduled due to maintenance or scheduling conflicts with consent of both governors. However, If the match is not played due to inclement weather, it will be considered a tie, or if the match is not played for any other reason, it will be considered a forfeit on the part of the offending club unless rescheduled by mutual consent. If a club declares its course unplayable because of rain prior to the day of the match and reschedules the match, and all clubs are rained out on the day of the match, the above mentioned match will be considered a rain out even if it was previously rescheduled.” To “Regular season matches may only be rescheduled due to maintenance or scheduling conflicts with consent of both governors, and it must be done at least one month prior to the original date.”    PASSED

Chuck Milber - To create a Permanent Committee " Quality/Standard of Golf"   

Chairman and Committee of four to inspect the existing members of our league to verify that the quality and playability of their course is equal to the standards of the South County Golf League.   REFERRED TO THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEE



Dan Twer - Suggested change to Rule 2 a. with respect to the 3:00 pm Tuesday deadline for lineup changes, the purpose of which is to prevent a team from being placed at a disadvantage by "last minute" opposing lineup changes on Tuesday to which the team may not have time to respond by the existing 3:00 PM deadline.


“ If a team submits a lineup change between 2:00 and 3:00 PM on Tuesday, the opposing team has until 5:00 PM to respond, but no other changes  are allowed after 3:00 pm other than allowable substitutions of permitted Alternates."     PASSED


Indian Spring –

  1. Lowering the yardage of the back tee players. The last match we had we had 16 players listed playing from the back tee’s. Seven of those players play our white combo tee’s 5,323 yards. They now have to play from over 6,000 yards. That’s an additional 700

yards. At some courses, they could not get over the water on their tee shots.

  1. Players to have a choice of playing front or back if your index is between 14.8 and 16.8. –

Rules chairman’s comment – Since any front tee player can

play from the back tees under current rules, this change

would be effectively change the front tee threshold to 14.8.


Pres. Levine thanked Boca West for hosting Presidents' Day. He also said that we are still looking for a neutral site for the finals and that Hunters Run was a possibility.

The next meeting will be on October 8 at Boca Woods.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Stone

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