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South County League Board of Governors Meeting.

Boca West Country Club


October 12, 2015


President Chuck Milber called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. He thanked Boca West Country Club for hosting a wonderful breakfast.


Roll Call:  All clubs were in attendance.


Chuck welcomed past Presidents Jerry Rosenzweig and Paul Weiss.


Guests: Barry Efland -Mizner


Bob Bailey introduced the new Governor from Mizner, Mitch Heller.  Len Kerker also introduced a new Captain – Sam Goldstein.  All wished them congratulations.


Minutes of last meeting were approved.


Treasurer Report: 7/1/2015 Opening Bank Balance was $1,927.08           


            10/9/2015  Refund – One President’s Day Player         $45


                                                            Closing Balance   $1972.08


Committee reports:


By-Laws and Rules: See below


Booklet:  Jerry request that all data sheets that are outstanding be forwarded to him as soon as possible


Scoring and Handicap: Jay Levine will discuss any and all updates at the December meeting.


Expansion: Mike Lapkin reported that attempts are underway to add another team to the league. Boca Grove has been contacted and they have declined. He is waiting to hear from Addison Reserve.


President's Report: Chuck thanked Broken Sound for hosting the President’s Day tournament and Ed Pachtman stated that Wycliffe will host the event in 2016. Finally, he thanked Boca Lago for for allowing the league to use their course for the final match.


Chuck then awarded the Championship trophy to Gleneagles along with his congratulations.


The suggested rule changes were presented by Jerry Rosenzweig and the following rule changes were PASSED:


1.    The minimum number teams shall be 8 (6 beginning after the 8th WEEK of the season).


2.    By the Friday at 5PM preceding play the visiting club will contact the host club to determine how many players the visiting club may bring to the match. The visiting club will then send their roster to the host club no later than 5 PM on Saturday.


3.    Handicaps will be calculated on the basis of the best 4 scores out of 8 rather than 10 of 20.


4.    Data will not be used that is more than 2 years old.


5.    The beginning of the season handicap adjustment (if necessary where a person’s index is +/- 3) should be changed to equal their official club handicap.


6.     The league will return to TWO divisions.


New Business: Two motions were introduced and discussion will be tabled until the December meeting:


1.  We move that in the upcoming years that the South County League championship match which is to be played on a neutral course shall be determined by having two clubs of the South County League be chosen on a rotational basis. One club will be the primary and the second will be an alternate in case the primary is in the finals. The primary and the alternate should come from the same division either Division A or Division B.  –Mike Lapkin and Manny Newman


2.   I move that the Governor’s meeting shedule for the year shall be as follows: January, March, May, July, September, October, and December—Mike Lapkin and seconded by Jay Wiston.


Good and Welfare: Jay Levine was recognized for his extraordinary work this past year. Sadly, Jerry Drachman who was a past president from 2003-2004 has recently died.


A motion for adjournment was made and seconded.


The next meeting will be at Delaire Country Club on December 8th


The meeting was adjourned at 9:17AM


Respectfully submitted,


Michael Lapkin



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