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South County Minutes for February 27th @ Woodfield Country Club:

Larry Stone called the meeting to order at 8:02am.  Minutes from the previous meeting were accepted and the role was called with all present.  (Elliott Freiberg neglected to call Hunters Run, however they will be attending the meetings this year despite the fact that they are not playing in the League).

The Treasurer's report from Sandy indicated we now have a total of $2620.

Larry announced that there was a pushback from the last meeting regarding the decision to keep the visitor's fee at $50, and announced that we would be recommending raising the fee to $60 and keeping a continental breakfast at a minimum.  This was approved by the Board, and was described as bagels, Danish (or muffins), coffee, juice and fruit.

The number of players that each team has was discussed and it was indicated that it was not directly related to the size of the Clubs.  It was also reminded that League standings would be shown by weekly averages now and not by total points.  


There are also some updates on the scoresheet that will be described later on.

The Heat Index was discussed again and it will be further clarified at our April meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:28am.

Respectfully submitted,
Elliott Freiberg, Secretary

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