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South County League Board of Governors Meeting 

Boca Lago Country Club 

February 11, 2020 

The meeting was called to order at 7:45 AM by Pres. Jay Levine. He greeted the governors and guests and thanked Boca Lago Country Club for hosting a wonderful breakfast. 

Roll call was taken, and all the clubs were present with exception of Boca Pointe, however George Kutin spoke with Jay and gave him his proxy. 

Past presidents in attendance were Chuck Milber and Michael Lapkin. 

Guests: None. 

The minutes of last meeting were accepted without any additions or corrections. 

Treasurer report: Richard North reported on our income and expenditures: 

Opening Balance: $2,488.20. Richard North stated that the league is very solvent, and we may keep dues at $100 per Club. 


1. Forward Tees vs. Back Tees 

Under our current rules, forward tee players have an index of 16.9 or higher. With the World Handicap System, many players have seen a drop in their index. Keep in mind, the system is now using your best 8 out of 20 vs 10 out of 20 in the past. Many have seen a 1 -2 point drop in their index. In addition, for most of our courses, players have found that they are now getting less handicap shots from their forward tees than under the old system. When under the old system the shot differential between forward and back tees was usually just 1, it is not 3 or 4 on many of our course. After a brief discussion it was agreed that Jay will determine the median handicap Index and that will be used as the cutoff for Back and Front Tee play. 

2. Playing from Mixed Tees: The new handicap system automatically adjusts for playing from mixed tees. There is no need for any additional adjustment a player simply uses their handicap for the tee they are playing. For example. If we have a match that has to us a back-tee player for a forward tee match, the back-tee player receives their handicap for the back tee and the forward tee players receive their appropriate handicaps for the forward tee. It is possible that a lower index player could receive shots from the higher index. If the back-tee player were a 14 index and the front tee players were 17 index, the back tee would have a course handicap of 16 and the forward tee might have a course handicap of 15. This is correct. 

3. Handicap Index Update - Handicap indexes now update daily. In my discussion with the FSGA, they recommended that we pick a day of the week to lock the indexes for the next week’s play. Recommending that we use the Wednesday night index (available on Thursday) for the following week.This will include the scores from the current week’s match in the calculation for the next week. This means that I will have the sheets sent out on Thursday instead of Wednesday night. To see that scores are timely and appropriately posted recommend that we continue to have the host club post the scores. We will provide the GHIN numbers for all players to speed the process of posting scores. Checking with the USGA if there will be a way to upload the scores. If that is possible, we will simplify the process. 

4. Match Play Four-Ball will be adjusted for 90% handicap for all players. The 80% rule for adjusting handicap spreads of greater than 6 no longer applies.—PASSED


5. 18 week season for Palmer League---PASSED


6. Jay suggested sending rosters with indices to him by March 15th


7. Riding with opponents during season play ---Passed (special requests require agreement 

of the Governors)


8. Riding with partner allowed only during playoffs. ---Passed


9. Due to many of the clubs allowing club members to play during a match start times may vary depending on the ability of the maintenance crews to have the course ready. A delay of 15 minutes seems to be reasonable.


10. Three division League was DEFEATED. 

There was no Old or New business and no good and welfare. 

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 AM 

Next meeting is at The Fountains on March 10, 2020 

Respectfully submitted, 

Michael Lapkin 

In the absence of: 

Larry Stone Secretary

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