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March 11, 2014


South County Board of Governors meeting, March 11, 2014 held at Bocaire CC. (Minutes)

Meeting was called to order by the President, Jerry Rosenzweig at 8:00 AM. Jerry opened the meeting by thanking Bocaire CC for hosting a very nice breakfast.

Roll call found all clubs in attendance.

Art Savarick, of Boca Lago, was in attendance as a Past President.

Jerry Rosenzweig then presented our outgoing secretary, Benson Zion , with a plaque recognizing Benson for his many years of outstanding work as the South County Golf Leagues secretary.

Jerry Rosenzweig then announced that the new Secretary of the South County Golf League would be Michael Lapkin a member of Broken Sound.

Dave Leonard was then introduced as a guest and a new captain at Boca Pointe.

Minutes from the last meeting were then accepted.

Treasurers Report: Last month we had $4,843.66 in the bank. We have had two recent expenditures, one being the printing of the booklets and the second the cost of the plaque for Benson Zion which equalled $1,076.95 bringing the total down to $3,769.71.

Committee Reports: A) By Laws & Rules - none B) Booklet - The new booklets will be passed out to all of the member clubs after the meeting. Approximately 40 books will be given to each club. C) Expansion -none. D) Good & Welfare - none. E) Grievance - none. F) Publicity - none. G) Nominating - none. H) Scheduling - none. I) Scoring - none. J) Website - Art Hoffman reported that the website is going through a total updating.

Presidents Report: Jerry Rosenzweig anticipates a wonderful upcoming year providing all members with friendship and sportsman like competition.

Old Business - none.

New Business. Arthur Coultoff of Aberdeen CC suggested that due to the fact that every club has aeration during the season, the golf schedules should be provided to all clubs as early as possible so they can provide their individual clubs Head of Golf the information and try and keep aeration at a minimum during scheduled matches.

George Kutin of Boca Pointe let all the members know that since they have only one golf course and work is being done on the course only one of the nine (9) holes will be played twice for each match under different conditions.

As a reminder, April 1st is the deadline for handing in all of the players names and the home index handicaps. New players must send in their last twenty (20) scores. Howard Rosenbaum will also send out the closing final index of each player from last year.

There was no Good & Welfare.

Next meeting will be held at Stonebridge CC on April, 8 2014.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 AM.

Respectfully - Thomas Mandler / acting Secretary.


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