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South County League Board of Governors Meeting.

Hunters Run Country Club


June 9, 2015


President Chuck Milber called the meeting to order at 8:04 AM. He thanked Hunters Run Country Club for hosting a wonderful breakfast.


Roll Call:  All clubs were in attendance


Chuck welcomed past president Jerry Rosenzweig


Minutes of last meeting were approved.


Treasurer Report: Bank Balance was $3357.08




11/4/2014        Opening Balance                    $2,091.96                                                       


12/9/2014        Disbursement - Max Baron - Plaques                        $117.66           Check #101

12/9/2014        Disbursement - Chuck Milber - Plaques                    $66.14             Check #102

12/9/2014        Disbursement - Jerry Kaye - Plaques                                    $195.31           Check #103                                     Total                                                                            $379.11                                  

12/9/2014        New Balance                          $1,712.85                                           


2/10/2015        Deposit - 2015 Dues (15 Clubs)                                 $2,625.00                   

2/26/2015        Deposit - 2015 Dues (2 Clubs)                                   $350.00                                   Total Deposit - 2015 Dues (17 Clubs)                         $2,975.00                                           

2/26/2015        New Balance                          $4,687.85                                                       


2/26/2015        Disbursement - Jerry Rosenzweig - Booklets            $1,033.77        Check #104   

2/26/2015        New Balance                          $3,654.08                                                       


3/11/2015        Disbursement - Jay Levine - Handicap Software      $197.00           Check #105   

3/18/2015        New Balance                          $3,457.08                                                       


6/9/2015          Disbursement - Ivan Benjamin - Hole-in-One            $50.00             Check #106

6/9/2015          Disbursement - Harvey Erdle - Hole-in-One              $50.00             Check #107                                                                                                                            not cashed

6/9/2015          New Balance                          $3,357.08                                                       



Committee reports:


By-Laws and Rules: Jerry Rosenzweig asked for those who are contemplating a rules change that they submit it to him by e-mail  in order that he may be able to collate and present for our meeting in October. jay levine requested that if any rule change concerns a handicap issue that he is copied as well.


Booklet: Jerry plans to add the e-mail addresses of all the pro shops for next year.


Website: Larry Stone stated that we had 306 unique visits to the website last month. He also added as many pro-shop e-mails that he was able to obtain.


President's Report: Chuck reminded us that the President's Day tournament which will be held on October 7th at the Old Course at Broken Sound. All checks would be made out to the league and two dozen golf balls both should be brought to the next meeting. Details of the event will be mailed and posted on the website.


There was no old business,  or new business.


Good and Welfare: Art Hoffman suggested that it might be helpful if the Governors or Captains communicate earlier than the weekend as to haw many players each team plans to field. This will allow for those not selected to arrange a golf match for the week of play. All agreed that a verbal communication was a good idea and the rule will be discussed in October.


Richard North queried about the need for printing the league handbook as the website as been a huge and informative success. This too will be addressed in October.


A motion for adjournment was made and seconded.


The next meeting will be at Indian Spring Country Club on September 8

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 AM


Respectfully submitted,


Michael Lapkin






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