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South County League Board of Governors Meeting

Polo Country Club


December,13, 2016


Meeting was called to order at 8:09 AM by Pres. Chuck Milber. He thanked the members of Polo Country Club for hosting a lovely breakfast and warmly welcomed all the Governors.


Roll call was taken and all the clubs were present except for Delaire Country Club.


Past presidents in attendance were Jerry Rosenzweig and Paul Weiss.


Guests: Harvey Perry, Captain Broken Sound.


The minutes of last meeting were accepted without any additions or corrections.


Treasurer report: Richard North reported on our income and expenditures as noted below.


                        Opening Balance:                            $2,109.16


                        Check; Wycliffe Country Club        $100.70 (Plaque for President Milber)


                        New Balance                                    $2,008.46


Committee Reports:

Booklet: Jerry Rosenzweig distributed the templates for all Governors to complete for the new booklet.


Scheduling and Handicap:  Jay Levine reminded all to carefully look over the schedule and report any potential problems. Jay invited any concerns to be addressed as soon as possible. Handicap will be based on 6 of the last 12 scores. We have changed from Golfnet to the GHIN.


Good and Welfare: The membership thanked Chuck for his dedication and commitment to the league and its members for the past two years. As a token of our esteem he was presented with a plaque commemorating his service.


PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Chuck expressed is appreciation to all for the cooperation and help he was afforded during his term. He thanked all for making the league an enjoyable and competitive. Lastly for the collegial atmosphere that was engendered.


The meeting Schedule for next year:


            February         Broken Sound

            March             Boca Lago

            June                Boca Woods

            September      The Fountains

            October           Boca West

            December       Delaire


Next meeting will be on February 14th at Broken Sound




There being no further business

the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 AM.


Respectfully submitted,

Michael Lapkin


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