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South County League Board of Governors Meeting.


Hunters Run Country Club


September 8, 2015


President Chuck Milber called the meeting to order at 8:01 AM. He thanked Indian Spring Country Club for hosting a sumptuous  breakfast.


Roll Call:  All clubs were in attendance with exception of Delaire


Chuck welcomed past presidents Jerry Rosenzweig and Paul Weiss


Ed Posner introduced the new Governor from Woodfield - Ron Hames. All wished him congratulations.


Minutes of last meeting were approved.


Treasurer Report: 7/1/2015 OpeningBank Balance was $3357.08


       9/8/2015 Disbursement -Broken Sound - President’s Day  $1200

 Disbursement -  Broken Sound- Past Presidents        $180

 Reimbursement _Ivan Benjamin Hole in one Plaque $50

Closing Balance   $1927.08



Committee reports:


By-Laws and Rules: Jerry Rosenzweig received suggested rule changes from a handful of clubs. He will collate them and e-mail the proposed changes to all the governors.



Booklet:  Jerry distributed data sheets to be completed and returned by our next meeting. He added a line for the pro-shop e-mail.



Scoring and Handicap: Jay Levine announced that after analyzing the scores this year he realized that there are many participants who do not play many events and therefore it could possibly take a few years to accumulate the necessary rounds to significantly alter the handicap. In order to make it more current he suggested and accepted by all, to calculate the handicap on the basis of the better 4 of the last 8 scores. At the October meeting he will distribute a new list with both the old and the new indexes. He was asked to adjust the score sheet to delineate which tee each player plays from.



Good and Welfare: Mike Lapkin  discussed the President’s Day event and handed out the days program. the starting time will be a 1:00 PM shotgun start. ALL SHOULD PLAN TO ARRIVE BETWEEN 11:30 AND 12:00 NOON IN ORDER TO HAVE A LIGHT LUNCH AND WARM UP.



President's Report: Chuck told us there is still a problem locating a neutral course for the Championship match which will be held on September 30th.



There was no old business,  or new business.



Good and Welfare: Chuck reminded us that October meeting will be a long so he opened the floor for preliminary discussions of the probable rule changes. The exchange of views was very productive.


The following clubs have volunteered to host the Governor’s meetings next year:

February Boca Pointe

March Broken Sound

April Gleneagles

May Stonebridge

June Aberdeen

July Polo

September Mizner

October Royal Palm



A motion for adjournment was made and seconded.


The next meeting will be at BOCA WEST COUNTRY CLUB on OCTOBER 13TH


The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 AM


Respectfully submitted,


Michael Lapkin



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