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South County League Board of Governors Meeting

Wycliffe Country Club

September 13, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 8 AM by Pres. Michael Lapkin. He greeted the governors and guests and thanked Wycliffe Country Club for hosting a wonderful breakfast.

Roll call was taken and all the clubs were present except for Woodfield Country Club.

Past presidents in attendance were Jerry Kaye and Chuck Milber

Guests:  The new governor for Wycliffe, Paul Leiman

The minutes of last meeting were accepted without any additions or corrections.

Treasurer report: Richard North reported on our income and expenditures:

                        Opening Balance: $4,872.07

                        Check: #123 to Aberdeen $1,200 for President’s Day

                        Check: #124 to Aberdeen  $90 for Past Presidents’ entry fees

                        New Balance: $3,582.07


President Lapkin congratulated Boca Woods and Broken Sound for winning their division championship.

Names have been chosen by Manny Newman’s committee for the two divisions. They will be known as the Palmer and the Nicklaus divisions.  


Jay Levine reported that the format for President’s Day will be a two best ball Stableford grouped by handicap. There will be a separate tournament for the pros.

President Lapkin thanked the Fountains for volunteering to host the league finals match. There will be small trophies for the division champions.

The following suggested rule changes were discussed and voted on:

Eliminate the 80% rule – NOT PASSED

If a player has his index reduced due to the league maximum of 28.7 and then is further reduced by the 80% rule, that player gets the greater of the 80% reduction or the index maximum adjustment but not both. - PASSED

When the 80% rule is applied against opponents, it will also be applied against the low handicap player’s partner, if applicable.  It will not be applied ONLY against partners. - PASSED

Drop the Nassua scoring system and return to the previous system. – NOT PASSED

Convert the total points won in the Nassau sytem to one point. – NOT PASSED

Add a fourth point to the Nassau system for winning the most points. – NOT PASSED

Return to the use of League play to produce the players index used to achieve the league play handicap. – NOT PASSED

Revise the front tee threshold from 17 to 16.5 index. – TABLED

The maximum number of cart path only holes at playing time 8:30, should be FIVE plus the PAR 3s. If the Club announces we have SIX or more holes CPO, automatically a  RAIN OUT IS CALLED ,1.5 points each team.. – NOT PASSED

If a match is scheduled to be played  on a golf course which is known to be unavailable by 5 PM on Monday for any reason, the match will be played on the opponents course if available.  If not, the result will be a forfeit  for the offending club. – PASSED

 (Clarification of Paragraph 6) Bold letters were added– “In situations where the match has not started and the course conditions mandate cart path only – the match will be played with each club using at least 4 teams (8 players). The players can be any combination of front and back tee players. Front and back tee players must match up before split tee matches are allowed. The players will play from their designated tees, and in split tee matches, the handicaps will be adjusted as described in 2 c. If a club is unable to field a team, the match will be forfeited.” The rule stating , “There shall be no moving around of players after the Tuesday 3PM deadline” will not apply.  - PASSED

This being South Florida, consider a rule addressing Heat Index. – NOT PASSED


If 2 teams can't play their match because they don't have a course to play, they both should get 0 points. It's unfair to the teams playing and trying to make 3rd or 4th place, that if not playing still get 1 1/2 points each. – NOT PASSED

Standardize the breakfast definition and increase the weekly charge from $45 to $50  - NOT PASSED

The initial Notice for raising a protest should be required in writing (email, text, etc.) and timely (for example, by midnight of the same day of the pertinent match). Within that time period, such Notice should be required to be sent to the Grievance Committee, and also to the other party. – JUST ADD WORDS “IN WRITING” TO CURRENT WORDING


Any decision to “reschedule” or modify the venue of a match should require both Governors (or their appropriate Captains) to each submit a written notice (email, text, etc.) of the change to the Scheduling Chairman. – NOT PASSED


Smoking (cigarettes, cigars, vaping) during play should be addressed. Consider, for example:

i.                        Ban smoking during a match;

ii.                        Ban smoking in the cart during a match;

iii.                        Ban smoking unless the opponents, upon being asked, consent to smoking during a match – NOT PASSED


When a match requires “overtime/sudden victory” playoff, the Rules should clarify whether or not handicaps come into play. – ALREADY IN THE RULES


The home club governor has the option of having the team mates riding together – NOT PASSED.

Mandate that all matches be on a 18 hole golf course ....not the same 

9 holes twice...if a  match is scheduled to be played on a course  that does not have 18 holes available......the match will be played  on the opponents 18 hole course if available – NOT PASSED

Flipping dates is optional,  not mandatory.....and must be agreed to by the  both governors – ALREADY THE CASE

Reduce the yardages front tee 5200, and back tee to 5800 yards. – NOT PASSED

Go back to playing every club in a 2 year period. Eight teams one year and the other 8 teams the second year. – NOT PASSED

Have the pro shop post the scores, not leave it up to the individual players to post. – NOT PASSED

Do not allow more than 2 clubs to join together to make a team - WITHDRAWN


Currently we allow changes to the roster and number of matches up until 3pm Tuesday. Recommend changing this to be Monday at 3pm. – NOT PASSED

Once a score card is signed and the players leave the designated scoring area (as designated by the home club), it is official, and no changes are allowed. – ALREADY THE RULES OF GOLF

 Eliminate the requirement that a player has to play or be an alternate 4 times to be eligible for the playoffs. - WITHDRAWN

Change the requirement for being eligible to play in the playoffs to being scheduled to play in competition 3 times not including playing as an alternate. - PASSED

Next meeting will be on October 9 at Gleneagles

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 10AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Stone



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