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Notes from the Team Meeting


We have 63 members on the roster this year with indexes ranging from +0.7 to 27.8, and we have 15 new members.


There are 15 clubs in the league this year. There will be only one divisions, so we will play every other team at home or away. The matches are on Wednesday mornings with an 8:30 shotgun start. The season will start on April 26 and extend through August 30. The playoffs will be in September.


In each match, we have back and front tee foursomes most closely corresponding to our #4 and 5 tees. The criterion for front tee play has been lowered to 15.0 this year from the previous 15.9. As a result, we currently have 43 front tee players and 20 back tee players. By league rule, front tee players may play in back or front tee matches, but back tee players may only play in back tee matches.


The match format is team of two better ball. An individual match will consist of 19 points, one point for each hole won, and one for the overall match. For the total team score for that day, all of the points from the individual matches are added up, and divided by the number of matches resulting in 19 points split between the two teams. The league standings will be determined by total cumulative points. The top 8 teams will make the playoffs.


To be considered for a match, you must sign up  by 3:00 PM. on the Friday before the match. We are going to use the sign up system that most of you used to join the team, and the sign ups will appear two weeks before the match. During the season, I will send out a newsletter email every Wednesday starting today, and the sign up link will be included. When you sign up the first time, it will ask for you name and email address. If you check the “remember my details” box, you don’t have to enter them again in subsequent weeks.


We will inform you as to whether you have been chosen to play in the match by email by the end of the day on the Sunday prior to the match. If you are chosen, you need to respond immediately by return email with “yes” to confim. Remember that if you sign up, the presumption is that you are available to play. If your plans change, please notify me ASAP, hopefully before we make the lineup on Saturday. Late cancellations often require reshuffling of the lineup.


Each match has a continental breakfast before play starting at 7:30 and a buffet lunch after. The charge for a home match is now $22 to cover lunch which is billed to your account. The charge for an away game is $50 and will need to be paid via Zelle to my email address ( soon as you are informed that you are playing. Please note that Zelle is only used for away games.


Our goal is to play as many players as possible each week, but sometimes we are limited by the number of players that our opponents have available.


For people not chosen to play, there is often an opportunity to play as an alternate. This means that you will be able to play that day, but you would not be included in the match unless you are needed as a last minute replacement. The $50 charge would apply for away matches. For home matches, you can be an alternate with lunch ($22) or without lunch (no charge). This option is not available for people playing in the match. The expectation is that they will have lunch with their foursome. This is a league of competition but also camaraderie.


Golf Genius will be used for live scoring. This allows for a TV displayed leader board for all home matches and most away matches. One of the home team players in each foursome will be responsible for entering the scores for each hole into the Golf Genius app on your phone. Each score card will have a Golf Genius ID (GGID) on it. The GGID will be specific for each foursome. For those of you that are still using rotary phones, and you know who you are, this is easy, and we need you to do it to make our scoring system work as intended.


The team uniform is black shorts or pants with our shirts and hats.


If you didn’t get you shirts and hats, you can pick them up at the Club Course pro shop.

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